Looking for Thai distribution? Bubble Bright is always looking for high quality, innovative products that are safe, purposeful, and thoughtfully designed.

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Why Work with Us?
We have a large network and established relationships with Thai retailers. We have our own retail store in baby, toddler, toy, and health.  We also deal with small boutiques as well as large national retailers both in Bangkok/regional and also e-commerce, and utilize online ordering system that makes ordering your goods easier.

We know the Thai Market
We started the business in 2009 and understand not only what makes a great product, but what it takes to successfully launch a brand and get it into the hands of Thai consumers.  We know that modern families are seeking out different things than the parents of even a decade ago.  We understand the need for multi-functional products of modern moms.

We know how to use the Web and Technology to our advantage
We have our web team, which is allows us to make website updates, take product photos, design marketing materials, make videos and run social promotions without any delays. We are extremely understand social media, the web, and how these influence the decisions that moms make when choosing products for their families.

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