We are Thai distributor of health & baby products for healthy & happy families.

About Us

Welcome to Bubble Bright, we are distributor of health and baby products for modern & happy families. We believes to make a difference in your life.

Mid of 2009, we have started on business with our direct experience of becoming “MOM” by Mrs.Manassanun Leerasetthakorn, Director. She believes that quality, purposeful and the safe are the keys.

At Bubble Bright, we are passionate about helping Thai families lead healthy lives.  As young parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to make the right choices.  We know that modern families are seeking out different things than the parents of even a decade ago

We understand social media, the web, and how these influence the decisions that moms make when choosing products for their families.  We use technology responsibly to improve our efficiency, allowing us to spend more time on customer service without relying on an outbound sales team. We place priority on customer service, and you can connect with one of the core team members any time if you wish.  We recognize that we are partners with both our suppliers and our retailers, and we make choices that benefit us all.

Bubble Bright Love & Care
We seek out well-made, innovative, functionality and safe products that are manufactured in a responsible way.